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  • Cover: Three Weeks in December - Audrey Schulman

    Audrey Schulman

    Three Weeks in December

    2012, pp. 352, $ 9.99
    Region: United States
    Evoking both Barbara Kingsolver and Andrea Barrett, this enthralling fiction, wise and generous, explores some of the crucial social and cultural challenges that, over the years, have come to shape our world.
  • Cover: These Dreams of You - Steve Erickson

    Steve Erickson

    These Dreams of You

    2012, pp. 320, $ 9.99
    Region: United States
    "Erickson expertly weaves together themes of music, politics, and idealism in a modern story where preconceptions are outdated."—Publishers Weekly
  • Cover: The Nun - Simonetta Agnello Hornby

    Simonetta Agnello Hornby

    The Nun

    2012, pp. 288, $ 9.99
    Region: Italy
    A Mediterranean sister to the heroines of Jane Austen and Emily Brontë, Agnello Hornby’s Agata, the Nun of the book's title, fully inhabits her own time yet embodies strength of will and a spiritual fortitude that is timeless.
  • Cover: Treasure Island!!! - Sara Levine

    Sara Levine

    Treasure Island!!!

    2012, pp. 176, $ 9.99
    Region: United States
    Book collection: Tonga
    “What an awesome book.”—David Wain “Had Grace Paley spent her youth hanging out with Larry David, listening to the Ramones, and reading Stanley Elkin, she’d have probably written something like Treasure Island!!!" —Adam Levin, author of The Instructions
  • Cover: Utu - Caryl  Férey

    Caryl Férey


    2011, pp. 416, $ 9.99
    Region: France
    Book collection: World Noir
    Winner of the Sang d’Encre, Michael Lebrun, and SNCF Crime Fiction Prizes.
  • Cover: Everything Happens Today - Jesse Browner

    Jesse Browner

    Everything Happens Today

    2011, pp. 224, $ 9.99
    Region: United States
    Everything Happens Today is funny, moving, generous and exhilarating. It will enchant young adults who see themselves in the story as well as adult readers who will be captured by the deeply sympathetic characters and the acute feel for the way we live now. Most readers will want it never to be over.
  • Cover: An Accident in August - Laurence Cossé

    Laurence Cossé

    An Accident in August

    2011, pp. 192, $ 9.99
    Region: France
    From the author of A Novel Bookstore comes further proof of a prodigious and remarkable literary imagination at work.
  • Cover: The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress - Beryl Bainbridge

    Beryl Bainbridge

    The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress

    2011, pp. 208, $ 9.99
    Region: Britain
    Subversive, sinister and marvelously vivid, Beryl Bainbridge’s great last novel evokes a nation on the brink of self-destruction with artful brilliance.
  • Cover: You Deserve Nothing - Alexander Maksik

    Alexander Maksik

    You Deserve Nothing

    2011, pp. 336, $ 9.99
    Region: United States
    Book collection: Tonga
    Set in Paris, at an international high school catering to the sons and daughters of wealthy, influential families, You Deserve Nothing is a gripping story of power, idealism, and morality.
  • Cover: Moffie - André Carl van der Merwe

    André Carl van der Merwe


    2011, pp. 336, $ 9.99
    Region: South Africa
    from Moffie I have been thrown into hell; herded into the Defence Force, into the abattoir of its border war like an animal to slaughter, with no say over my own destiny. Forced to kill people I don’t know, for a cause I don’t believe in.

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