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The House on Via Gemito longlisted for the International Booker Prize

We are extremely pleased to announce that The House on Via Gemito by Domenico Starnone, translated from the Italian by Oonagh Stransky, has been longlisted for the 2024 International Booker Prize!


Delphine Horvilleur in The New York Times

“French Feminist Rabbi Captivates Multifaith Crowds With Musings on Mortality,” writes Julia Lieblich in her New York Times profile of Delphine Horvilleur, whose book Living with Our Dead: On Loss and Consolation is forthcoming this spring.

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The Neapolitan Quartet

  • Cover: My Brilliant Friend - Elena Ferrante

    Elena Ferrante

    My Brilliant Friend

    2012, pp. 336, $ 18.00
    A modern masterpiece from one of Italy’s most acclaimed authors, My Brilliant Friend is a rich, intense, and generous-hearted story about...
  • Cover: The Story of a New Name - Elena Ferrante

    Elena Ferrante

    The Story of a New Name

    2013, pp. 480, $ 18.00
    The Story of a New Name is a sweeping, generous-hearted, and brilliantly realized masterpiece by one of Italy's most important contemporary...
  • Cover: Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay - Elena Ferrante

    Elena Ferrante

    Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay

    2014, pp. 400, $ 18.00
    In this third Neapolitan novel, Elena and Lila, the two girls whom readers first met in My Brilliant Friend, have become women.
  • Cover: The Story of the Lost Child - Elena Ferrante

    Elena Ferrante

    The Story of the Lost Child

    2015, pp. 480, $ 18.00
    This fourth and final of Elena Ferrante's renowned Neapolitan Novels follows the concluding chapter in the moving and turbulent friendship of Elena...


Recent press

  • The Silence of the Choir manages to negotiate immigration and its various complexities into one cohesive and emotionally ravaging tale . . . The Silence of the Choir is nothing short of masterful.”

    — Under the Radar, Jun 10 2024
  • “Evokes something of the heartwarming whimsy of the 2001 movie, Amélie . . . Forgotten on Sunday is a pain au chocolat of a book—flaky but buttery, with a sweet center. . . [a] sentimental soul-soother.”

    — NPRBooks, Jun 8 2024

    My Father’s House is a skillful portrayal of the evils of fascism and the fortitude demanded of those who would oppose it . . . O’Connor is an excellent writer, and the story is compelling.”

    — The Catholic Spirit, Jun 6 2024
  •  “A striking queer romance in which lust yields subtle revelations about sexual power and selfhood.”

    — The Guardian, Jun 5 2024
  • “This is peak Horvilleur—impassioned, broad-minded, persuasive, funny, and unwilling to simplify for ease of use.”

    — Tablet Magazine, Jun 2 2024
  • “Bernini’s engrossing historical novel follows Machiavelli’s trajectory through the corridors of power in 16th-century Italy.”

    — Washington Post, Jun 1 2024
  • “[A Good Life] is, in the end, a novel in which its universally relatable plot and vibrant characters are perfectly rendered in deceptively simple prose, and I am sure that readers will love every single word.” 

    — FXBG Advance, Jun 1 2024

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