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Fall 2023

Spring-Summer 2023

Winter 2022-2023

Fall 2022

Spring-Summer 2022

This season features big books from some Europa favorites. Valérie Perrin (Fresh Water for Flowers) is back with a new novel about three friends; Mieko Kawakami (Breasts and Eggs) returns with her most penetrating novel yet; Donatella Di Pietrantonio has written a moving sequel to her prize-winning and best-selling A Girl Returned; New York Times best-selling American author Alexander Maksik (You Deserve Nothing) returns with a stunning book about America now. Audrey Schulman (Theory of Bastards) and Andrea Marcolongo (The Ingenious Language) both have new books coming in the spring, as does Scottish crime writer Alan Parks. There are some stunning books by authors new to the Europa list, including Alexandra Lapierre’s Belle Greene. Spring books are blooming at Europa!

Winter 2021-2022

What a winter season this year at Europa! Ian Williams gives us DISORIENTATION, introducing vital vocabulary into the conversation about race, racism, and Blackness; publishing a little ahead of the official start of winter season, the paperback edition of Ben Hopkins’s monumental and unmissable gothic novel, CATHEDRAL; XSTABETH is a novel like no other from a truly singular author, the Scotsman David Keenan; Sandrine Collette’s mix of family drama and searing eco-fiction, THE FORESTS, is essential reading; Fiona Snyckers’s feminist answer to J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace is entitled (appropriately) LACUNA; and, last but certainly not least, Elena Ferrante has a new book out, a collection of four never-before-published essays, entitled IN THE MARGINS: on the Pleasures of Reading and Writing. There’s more to peruse in the catalog. It’s cold out there, so choose your books wisely.

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