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Massimo Montanari

Massimo Montanari

Massimo Montanari is Professor of Food History at the University of Bologna and one of Europe’s foremost scholars of the evolution of agriculture, landscape, food, and nutrition since the Middle Ages. His works have been translated into many languages across the globe.

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Latest reviews

  • “Thorough, well-researched and enlightening... Montanari sets a beautiful table filled with savory information that will appeal to academics, history buffs, the culinary-minded.”
    — Shelf Awareness, Dec 10 2021
  • A Short History of Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce is so much more than the chronicle of a familiar, beloved dish. The book is an inquiry into culture, economics and society.”
    — BookTrib, Nov 16 2021
  • “The book is just the right length (128 pages), academic and an utterly fascinating discourse on food history.”
    — The Daily Beast, Nov 2 2021
  • “Montanari’s research will delight readers and provide plenty of fodder for dinner-table discussion.”
    — Booklist, Oct 1 2021
  • “Illuminating... Suited for those with big appetites for knowledge, [A Short History of Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce] is full of delicious details.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Aug 24 2021


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