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Marco Malvaldi

Photo © Archivio Giunti

Marco Malvaldi

Marco Malvaldi was born and lives in Pisa, where he obtained a PhD in Chemistry from the Normale University. His previous books include the Bar Lume series, featuring Massimo the Barman and the four elderly sleuths. He is the winner of both the Isola d’Elba Award and the Castiglioncello Prize for his crime novels.

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Latest reviews

  • “A good representation of what Leonardo da Vinci could have done in his lifetime... It is a novel of creativity that will have readers believing what they have read.”
    — San Francisco Book Review, Jul 17 2020
  • “A roguishly witty reimagining of a pivotal period in Renaissance history...Malvaldi’s wry sense of humour and keen eye are a delight to read.” Read the full review in NB Magazine
    — NB Magazine, Nov 15 2019
  • “The novel is certainly imaginative, and for those who might value a playful writing style and unconventional characterization...this literary mystery offers much that may appeal.”
    — Historical Novel Society, Nov 4 2019
  • "Malvaldi’s grasp of the historical epic is impressive, but he also manages to bring these towering figures to life in unexpected ways.” Read the full review in CrimeReads
    — CrimeReads, Oct 24 2019
  • “If I were to choose an adjective to describe Marco Malvaldi’s narrative voice, it would be ‘mischievous’—a quality that really comes through in Howard Curtis and Katherine Gregor’s translation.” Read the full review in the European Literature Network...
    — European Literature Network, Oct 4 2019
  • Written by Marco Malvaldi, translated by Howard Curtis – Three-Card Monte is the second instalment in the Bar Lume series, (we reviewed Game For Five here) which are bestsellers in the author’s native Italy. Set in a small coastal town in Tuscany, the book once again features...
    — Oct 21 2014
  • The second novel in the Bar Lume series, by Marco Malvaldi, Three-Card Monte brings us once more into the life of Pineta, a small town in Tuscany, near Pisa, with the Bar Lume and its often hilarious characters as its focal point. Owned by thirty-seven-year-old Massimo Viviani,...
    — Aug 3 2014
  • Passport to Nefarious Deeds Murder and mayhem cross borders as well. This June four indie publishers—Akashic Books, Europa Editions, Melville House, and Grove Atlantic/Mysterious Press—are teaming up for a second time to celebrate International...
    — Apr 15 2014
  • Mysteries Chronicle: Dead Poets Review by Tom Nolan Marco Malvaldi's "Game for Five" (World Noir, 140 pages, $15), a 2007 work newly translated from Italian, is short, swift, pleasing. Intellectual curiosity is...
    — Apr 11 2014
  • “When you start swaying on your legs, when you light another cigarette to kill five more minutes even though your throat is stinging and your mouth is so furred up you feel like you’ve eaten a tarpaulin, and then the others also light cigarettes and linger a while longer...
    — Apr 10 2014
  • In this enjoyable series debut, Malvaldi beckons readers into Bar Lume, the terrain of barman Massimo Viviani in the coastal resort town of Pineta near Pisa. The bar is where everything happens, especially gossip, among Massimo and a coterie of arguing, card-playing pensioners.
    — Mar 31 2014


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