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Two authors, one Scottish crime novel

Newspaper, blog or website: CBC Radio: The Sunday Magazine
Date: Oct 29 2021

Ian Rankin created one of the world's most enduring and beloved investigators, the surly Detective Inspector John Rebus. The novelist has churned out more than two dozen Rebus books, but this time fans are in for something — and someone — completely different. Rankin talks to Chattopadhyay about the daunting task of finishing a book started by his friend and colleague, William McIlvanney — who died in 2015. McIlvanney left behind the beginnings of a prequel to his beloved detective series, The Laidlaw Trilogy, which Rankin picked up at the request of McIlvanney's widow, and turned into the new thriller The Dark Remains.

Listen to the full interview on CBC Radio.

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