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“Utterly hallucinogenic.”

Author: Catherine Flutsch
Newspaper, blog or website: Quaere Living
Date: Aug 12 2021

“The Storm of Echoes is the final installment in Christelle Dabos’ Mirror Visitor series of four utterly extraordinary books. This series is probably the strangest, most compelling, frustrating and addictive series I’ve ever read. From the first page of the first book, Dabos plunges the reader into an utterly hallucinogenic world where you can’t quite believe what you’re reading.

After reading the final installment, I realise that the answers to all the questions, frustrations and dreamlike events are there from the very beginning. It’s both annoying and wonderful to think that the story has been so carefully and diligently planned– especially when it’s an achievement to tease out the story at all. Dabos has created her own science, maths, art, cultures, peoples and ultimately her own logic. It takes a while to learn it, but once you do, things start to make an illogical sense.”

Read the full review in Quaere Living.

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