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The Telegraph: Minotaur chosen as one of the best classics and reissues of 2013

Date: Dec 2 2013

Morrissey may think that his autobiography was worthy of being published as a Penguin Classic, but the critic whose judgment counts most on this issue is Old Father Time. I’ll agree that the book is a classic if people are still reading it when the author is waving gladioli about in a retirement home and the publicity circus has been long silent. In the meantime, plenty of genuine classics, books that readers have cherished and championed for decades, are newly available as reissues.

Minotaur by Benjamin Tammuz (Europa, paperback £9.99) is a very different sort of thriller, though no less gripping for all its abundant obliquities. Graham Greene declared it to be the best novel of 1981, and there are certainly Greene-ish overtones in this tale of a middle-aged Israeli spy who falls in love at first sight with a teenage girl he sees on a bus and uses underhand tactics to ensnare her.

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