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Giancarlo De Cataldo

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Giancarlo De Cataldo

Giancarlo De Cataldo is the author of the bestselling novel, Romanzo Criminale, an essayist, the author of numerous TV screenplays, and a judge on the circuit court of Rome.

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Latest reviews

  • “The cosmology of Italy’s underworld is sordid, byzantine, and endlessly fascinating; here it’s brought to you by the joint efforts of a prominent crime novelist and a reporter from Italy’s left-leaning daily paper, La Repubblica.”
    — Literary Hub, Aug 1 2017
  • “In this gritty, beautifully translated crime novel, Bonini, a journalist for La Repubblica, and de Cataldo, a novelist, screenwriter, and circuit court judge in Rome, delve into the complex world of Italian political corruption.”
    — Library Journal (Starred Review), Aug 1 2017
  • “[Rome], in all its history, glory, and despair, is skillfully sewn into the fiber of the tale.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Jun 20 2017
  • “...unflinching look at real-life widespread corruption in Italy.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Jun 19 2017


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