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Joel Stone

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Joel Stone

Joel Stone was born in Brooklyn. He graduated from Princeton University and was a Fulbright Scholar at the Sorbonne. His first novel, A Town Called Jericho, was published in 1992 and nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. He died in 2007 and is survived by his wife, the poet Dorothy Stone.

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  • The relationship between film and fiction is a complex one. If you happen to be a fiction writer, sooner or later, civilians will ask you when you are going to pen a screenplay (which is a little like asking a painter when he or she plans to take up sculpture). Still, the common...
    — May 19 2010
  • from Bibliobuffet  The threat of violence looms around every corner in Joel Stone's terrific Jerusalem File, set in a city where buses and cafes are potentially dangerous places, where even standing near a soldier might invite a terrorist’s attack. Everyone “lives...
    — Aug 25 2009
  • The Sacred and the Profane Joel Stone’s adamantly anti-heroic novel about a former Israeli security officer who has lost his will to live. Although the  book is set up as a private-eye mystery, Levin doesn’t really try to catch his client’s adulterous wife in the...
    — Feb 9 2009
  • Levin, a retired Israeli security services officer, is a loner. His marriage ended amicably. His children are grown and have moved abroad. Living in Jerusalem and acutely aware of the religious fervor and political conflicts in the area, he leads a self-contained life. When an...
    — Jan 13 2009
  • Stone, who died in 2007, successfully grafts a classic hard-boiled detective plot line onto the complexities and dangers of life in modern Israel in his final novel. When Prof. Jacob Kaye suspects his attractive wife, Deborah, of infidelity, he hires Levin, a former Israeli security...
    — Dec 11 2008
  • In this novel by Stone (A Town Called Jericho, 1992), who died in 2007, a retired Israeli intelligence analyst playing detective stalks the adulterous wife of a jealous husband. Levin doesn’t respect Kaye, doesn’t trust Kaye, doesn’t even like Kaye. But after a life...
    — Dec 4 2008

United States

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