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K Patrick

K Patrick

K Patrick is a writer based in Glasgow. Their poetry has appeared in Poetry Review and Five Dials, and was shortlisted for The White Review Poetry Prize in 2021, the same year that K was shortlisted for The White Review Fiction Prize for their short story “Eggs”. In 2020, they were runner-up in the Ivan Juritz Prize and the Laura Kinsella Fellowship. Mrs. S is their debut novel.

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October 1-8
Join author K Patrick, named by Granta Magazine one of this decade’s Best of Young British Novelists, on the U.S. tour for Mrs. S.
This holiday season, give the gift of the best literature from around the world.

Latest reviews

  •  “A striking queer romance in which lust yields subtle revelations about sexual power and selfhood.”

    — The Guardian, Jun 5 2024
  • Mrs. S ticks all the boxes of what makes a novel great, and K. Patrick has a very distinct writing style that is crisp and powerful.”

    — United by Pop, Mar 17 2024
  • “The novel is erotically charged and textured. It produces a vocabulary for homosexual desire, making visible the nature of power that comes into play with gender.”
    — Deccan Herald, Feb 17 2024
  • “I just want to sit inside the sweaty sentences of the novel over and over.”

    — Autostraddle, Dec 30 2023
  • “A smoldering tale of obsession, queer desire and forbidden love.”

    — NBC Out, Dec 22 2023
  • “A story of power, bravery and ultimate choices.”

    — Gay Times, Dec 15 2023
  • “An atmospheric slow burn of a novel...a story of utmost yearning in the sense of queer desire, the attempt to understand one’s self, and a simple longing to be understood.”
    — Electric Literature, Dec 7 2023
  • “In July...I read Mrs. S by K Patrick...That was a great month of reading.”

    — The Millions, Dec 6 2023
  • “A fever dream of intimacy and a hazy nightmare of yearning.”

    — The Michigan Daily, Dec 6 2023
  • “A taut, spunky, and fiercely original exploration of queer sexual and personal discovery.”
    — Oprah Daily, Nov 8 2023
  • “Some of the best writing about infatuation and obsession I've come across...Mrs. S asks readers to consider the ways we inhabit bodies, how we inhabit our bodies.”
    — The Rumpus, Jul 20 2023
  • “A sly rewriting of Charlotte Brontë's boarding-school romances.”
    — The New Yorker, Jul 11 2023
  • “A striking queer romance in which lust yields subtle revelations about sexual power and marks the author out as a distinctive new talent.”
    — The Observer, Jul 10 2023
  • “A sapphic period piece from K. Patrick.”
    — The Austin Chronicle, Jun 30 2023
  • “K. Patrick's mesmerizing debut, Mrs. S, is atmospheric and disorienting in the most effective way...This is a writer to watch.”

    — Shelf Awareness, Jun 30 2023
  • "Patrick’s poetic, at times elliptical prose style is perfect for building erotic tension.”
    — Chicago Review of Books, Jun 28 2023
  • “Patrick’s staccato sentences add a layer of choppy, additional drama to the text. It becomes a secondary language for butchness, powerful and confident; flowery description unnecessary.”
    — The New York Times Book Review, Jun 20 2023
  • “K Patrick has said of Mrs. S that ‘I just had this impulse to write a horny lesbian novel.’ They have absolutely succeeded at that aim—the granular, finely-worked detailing of longing, fantasising and consummation is wonderfully lascivious.”

    — The White Review, Jun 7 2023
  • “Exciting... Seduction and intrigue abound in this page-turning story about forbidden love.”
    — Chicago Review of Books, Jun 1 2023
  • “A thrillingly evocative debut from a superb young writer...5/5 stars.”
    — The Telegraph, May 31 2023


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