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K Patrick

K Patrick

K Patrick is a writer based in Glasgow. Their poetry has appeared in Poetry Review and Five Dials, and was shortlisted for The White Review Poetry Prize in 2021, the same year that K was shortlisted for The White Review Fiction Prize for their short story “Eggs”. In 2020, they were runner-up in the Ivan Juritz Prize and the Laura Kinsella Fellowship. Mrs. S is their debut novel.

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October 1-8
Join author K Patrick, named by Granta Magazine one of this decade’s Best of Young British Novelists, on the U.S. tour for Mrs. S.

Latest reviews

  • “Some of the best writing about infatuation and obsession I've come across...Mrs. S asks readers to consider the ways we inhabit bodies, how we inhabit our bodies.”
    — The Rumpus, Jul 20 2023
  • “A sly rewriting of Charlotte Brontë's boarding-school romances.”
    — The New Yorker, Jul 11 2023
  • “A striking queer romance in which lust yields subtle revelations about sexual power and marks the author out as a distinctive new talent.”
    — The Observer, Jul 10 2023
  • "Patrick’s poetic, at times elliptical prose style is perfect for building erotic tension.”
    — Chicago Review of Books, Jun 28 2023
  • “Patrick’s staccato sentences add a layer of choppy, additional drama to the text. It becomes a secondary language for butchness, powerful and confident; flowery description unnecessary.”
    — The New York Times Book Review, Jun 20 2023
  • “K Patrick has said of Mrs. S that ‘I just had this impulse to write a horny lesbian novel.’ They have absolutely succeeded at that aim—the granular, finely-worked detailing of longing, fantasising and consummation is wonderfully lascivious.”

    — The White Review, Jun 7 2023
  • “Exciting... Seduction and intrigue abound in this page-turning story about forbidden love.”
    — Chicago Review of Books, Jun 1 2023
  • “A thrillingly evocative debut from a superb young writer...5/5 stars.”
    — The Telegraph, May 31 2023
  • “I was hypnotized by this ecstatic, erotic debut, written, it seems, in such a way as to remove everything possible to get closer to an experience of pure want... It is the first contemporary novel I have read in recent memory that I feel tempted to compare to Virginia Woolf.”
    — Literary Hub, May 24 2023
  • "Gorgeous...Mrs. S consists of mostly short, clipped sentences that still allow for the sumptuousness of a clandestine affair to sneak in, building in suspense of the will-they, won’t-they variety."
    — Vulture, May 17 2023
  • Mrs. S is a novel in which a different kind of love—self-acceptance—conquers all.”
    — Foreword Reviews, May 1 2023
  • ★ “Patrick’s deft manipulation of narrative time and use of interior monologue to describe the tensions among thought, intention, and action recall the work of Virginia Woolf... An erotic yet high-minded literary achievement.
    — Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review), Apr 25 2023
  • “Patrick makes palpable the compromises required by secret love, and though the romance is aching and well crafted, what emerges above all is a fascinating character portrait, that of a woman obscure to the world but radiant inside.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Mar 22 2023


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