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Sasha Filipenko

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Sasha Filipenko

Sasha Filipenko, born in Minsk in 1984, is a Belarusian author who writes in Russian. After abandoning his classical music training, he studied literature in St. Petersburg and worked as a journalist, screenwriter and author for a satire show. Sasha Filipenko lives in St. Petersburg.

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Latest reviews

  • “[Red Crosses] explores 100 years of Russian history in under 200 pages... with an absurdist twist, focusing on the cruelty of the gulags and the failure of a bureaucratic system that was doomed from the start.”
    — PopMatters, Nov 2 2021
  • “A moving meditation on memory, forgetfulness, and the thirst for connection.”
    — Oprah Daily, Oct 13 2021
  • “The most interesting thing [about Red Crosses] was to hear the voice of a young writer, from a generation who barely knew the Soviet times, and to see how he grapples with the subject... Nothing unlocks the human soul as profoundly as a novel can.”
    — Los Angeles Review of Books, Sep 9 2021
  • “Filipenko brings freshness and wit to a familiar story of Soviet tragedy.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Aug 24 2021


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