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New Zealand

David Coventry

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David Coventry

David Coventry’s critically acclaimed debut novel, The Invisible Mile, won the 2016 Hubert Church Award for Fiction in his native New Zealand and was a finalist for the prestigious Ockham New Zealand Book Award. Born in 1969, Coventry lives and writes on the side of a hill in Wellington.

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Latest reviews

  • “A cyclist from New Zealand who competes in the 1928 Tour de France with the help of copious quantities of drugs and alcohol is the protagonist of this brooding first novel.”
    — The New York Times Book Review, Jun 22 2017
  • “Coventry’s brooding narrative, in varying parts philosophical action-adventure, travelogue, family drama, war chronicle and psychological puzzler, is suffused with the ever-querying perspective of its haunted central character.”
    — The New York Times Book Review, Jun 16 2017
  • “An introspective, philosophical look at the race.”
    — Historical Novels Review, May 1 2017
  • “The remains of the war and memories of it hover over the story, as the riders complete superhuman rides, stoked on drugs of all sorts.”
    — Library Journal, Apr 15 2017
  • “Based on a true event, New Zealand author Coventry’s tense, dark debut novel is a powerful story of grim determination and one man’s forlorn hope to conquer fear and pain in the world’s most grueling bicycle race, the Tour de France.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Mar 28 2017

New Zealand

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