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Andrea Camilleri

Andrea Camilleri

Andrea Camilleri is widely considered to be one of the greatest living Italian writers. His Montalbano crime series, each installment of which is a bestseller in Italy, is published in America by Penguin Random House. Several books in the series have been New York Times bestsellers. His literary honors include the Nino Martoglio International Book Award. Born in Sicily, Camilleri died in 2019, at the age of 93.

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Latest reviews

  • “. . . a devastating portrait of how political power, the mafia, Catholic cover-ups, and family shame kept rural Sicily in a medieval time warp long into the twentieth century.”
    — Foreword Reviews, Mar 12 2019
  • “It’s a worthwhile read for the simple fact of learning about the many miscarriages of justice the family suffers.”
    — Historical Novel Society, Aug 15 2018
  • “Camilleri is as adept at the historical novel as he is at the detective story. Both are steeped in a deep and passionate knowledge of his subject. It’s a story told with the customary wit and light touch that only a consummate storyteller could manage.”
    — Nudge Book, Aug 9 2018
  • “It has a gripping immediacy, telling an epic tale in a series of gobsmacking anecdotes.”
    — The Times, Jul 29 2018
  • " organized crime, political corruption, and judicial duplicity can oppress freedom.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Jul 21 2018
  • "a story does not have to take place in the American West to be considered a Western"
    — NewsOK, Jul 15 2018
  • “I loved the very short chapters, quick and easy writing style and the setting.”
    — Of Beauty and Nothingness, Jul 5 2018
  • “...this searing mystery and scathing picture of fascist Italy shows how the forces at work during the time of the Sacco brothers took root and dominated the Mussolini era.”
    — Book City, Jul 1 2018
  • “The injustice here has an immediacy...”
    — Kirkus, May 1 2018
  • “This is one of the most delightful books I’ve read for some time.”
    — European Literature Network, Jun 15 2017
  • “A beautifully imagined recreation of seventeenth century Sicily and a little known event that rightly deserves its place in history.”
    — Nudge Book, Jun 5 2017
  • “Based on a truly captivating moment in history, Camilleri shows us how a woman triumphed over remarkable obstacles and, in the face of ceaseless scrutiny, how she proved to the world that she was as an unwavering as the brightest moon.”
    — Words Without Borders, May 15 2017
  • “Eleonora, a woman forgotten by history, will come alive to the reader. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to discover a remarkable, forgotten woman.”
    — The Historical Novels Review, May 1 2017
  • “[Camilleri’s] sly, wry approach to matters of morality, politics, crime and sexual dynamics seasons a stew of facts and fiction to perfection.”
    — Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association (MPIBA), Apr 17 2017
  • “Bestselling and award-winning Italian author Camilleri (the Inspector Montalbano series) offers a marvelous historical drama based on a true but little-known episode of 17th-century Sicilian history.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Apr 10 2017
  • “In a tragicomic parable of justice based on a true episode, the corrupt 17th-century power brokers of Sicily meet their match in a canny, revenge-driven female viceroy.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Feb 21 2017


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