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Joan London

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Joan London

Joan London is a bookseller and author living in Perth. She is the author of two short story collections, Sister Ships, which won The Age Book of the Year award, and Letter to Constantine, which won the Steele Rudd Award as well as the West Australian Premier's Award for Fiction, and three novels, Gilgamesh, The Good Parents, and The Golden Age.

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Latest reviews

  • The Golden Age was named one of Flavorwire's best books of 2016!
    — Flavorwire, Dec 16 2016
  • "Poetic intensity suffuses the novel..."
    — The New Yorker, Nov 21 2016
  • THE GOLDEN AGE was named one of Kirkus' "Best Books of 2016!"
    — Kirkus Reviews, Nov 14 2016
  • THE GOLDEN AGE was named one of PW's "Best Books of 2016!"
    — Publishers Weekly, Oct 31 2016
  • "The Golden Age is a beautifully written story."
    — The Missourian, Oct 20 2016
  • "[Joan London's] third novel, The Golden Age — which takes its name from a pub-turned-convalescent home for children recovering from polio in the 1950s — is one of the finest I’ve encountered in a good long while."
    — Forward, Oct 2 2016
  • "[London] creates a broad and dramatic scope without becoming tied down to the big events of the historical period and the big emotions of their everyday lives."
    — Seeing the World Through Books, Aug 23 2016
  • “The Golden Age is a beautiful love story that insists upon celebrating the transcendent power of poetry and art over the destructive forces of fear, despair and xenophobia.”
    — The Dallas Morning News, Aug 22 2016
  • "Tough and intelligent, this rich, vivid and precise novel, which reads as a taut variation on Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet (1991), is tender and thrilling in its rigorous intimacy, as well as its literary allusions.”
    — The Irish Times, Aug 20 2016
  • "...a heartfelt novel reminiscent of Colm Tóibín’s “Brooklyn.”
    — Newsday, Aug 17 2016
  • “Joan London’s The Golden Age is the rare novel that makes its reader want to cry at almost every single page, but manages to be uplifting at the same time.”
    — Flavorwire, Aug 17 2016
  • "Readers will feel affection for Frank and the many secondary characters."
    — Minneapolis Star Tribune, Aug 12 2016
  • “Joan London’s “The Golden Age” conveys optimism and empathy in a bleak situation.”
    — JWeekly, Aug 4 2016
  • "London graciously captures young love in a quiet and beautifully sculpted story that is easily devoured in one sitting. Her generous affection for humanity comes through..."
    — Library Journal, Jul 29 2016
  • "A moving story of displacement and recovery with wonderfully drawn characters and setting."—Janet Lockhart
    — EarlyWord, Jul 25 2016
  • London’s The Golden Age is set in Australia in and around a children’s convalescent home of the same name and chronicles the love between two young polio survivors.
    — Publishers Weekly, Jun 24 2016
  • "London sees past people’s exteriors to their complex and desirous interiors, and she generously offers those people to us in all their fullness."
    — Publishers Weekly (starred review), Jun 13 2016
  • "Every character, however minor, comes to life in these pages. Like her fictional pianist, London is a virtuoso."
    — Kirkus Reviews (starred review), May 24 2016
  • The Golden Age is a novel of great beauty and depth. Wonderfully masquerading as a slight story about a moment in Australian history, and set in the insular and parochial Perth of 1954, it is in fact a large novel writ small.
    — Australian Ministry for the Arts, Dec 14 2015


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