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Fariba Hachtroudi

Photo Laurent Peters

Fariba Hachtroudi

Fariba Hachtroudi decided to leave her home country following the Iranian Revolution in 1979. After relocating to Sri Lanka in 1981, she taught at the University of Colombo for two years and studied Teravada Buddhism. Hachtroudi then pursued journalism and eventually went on to write a full-length non-fiction account about her revisit to Iran after 30 years in exile called The Twelfth Imam's a Woman? In addition to writing, Hachtroudi also leads a foundation that advocates for women's rights, education, and secularism.

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Latest reviews

  • "... leaves us chilled by the tyrannical culture that created this macabre bond. But at the end, it's just as much a tale of the capacity to love.”
    — Minneapolis Star Tribune, Aug 28 2016
  • “The Man Who Snapped His Fingers is a touching story about the enigmatic human soul and our interrelated fates that needs to be read and reflected on.”
    — World Literature Today, May 6 2016
  • "Premises don’t come much more gripping than this one: years after a brief encounter in a torture chamber, a former senior official of a tyrannical Theological Republic and a woman who was one of the regime’s myriad victims come face to face."
    — A Year of Reading the World, Feb 23 2016
  • "The Centre Francophone at Webster University and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy hosted an event with Iranian and French author Fariba Hachtroudi."
    — The Journal, Feb 16 2016
  • "Outside of masters like Solzhenitsyn, better descriptions of the vile phenomena of tyranny cannot be found."
    — Shelf Awareness, Feb 16 2016
  • “The Man Who Snapped His Fingers is a powerful indictment of political violence, and suggests the West is also culpable.”
    — The Independent, Feb 9 2016
  • "[...] a novel that seamlessly combines elements of a political thriller with a tale of love destroyed by circumstance."
    — O, The Oprah Magazine, Feb 1 2016
  • THE MAN WHO SNAPPED HIS FINGERS is highlighted in DESIblitz's list of "8 Amazing Books to Read in 2016."
    — DESIblitz, Jan 4 2016
  • THE MAN WHO SNAPPED HIS FINGERS is highlighted on the Slightly Bookist blog's list of "Books to get excited about in 2016"
    — Slightly Bookist, Dec 14 2015
  • THE MAN WHO SNAPPED HIS FINGERS is highlighted on Poppy Peacock Pens blog's list of "2016 Debuts I'm looking forward to"
    — Poppy Peacock Pens, Dec 1 2015
  • "A colonel fleeing the repressive Theological Republic confronts a former prisoner in an unnamed northern European nation. French-Iranian author Hachtroudi’s English-language debut, told mainly through intense first-person narration..."
    — Kirkus Reviews, Nov 4 2015

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