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Robert Wilson

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Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson was educated at Oxford University. He has written 12 novels of which A Small Death in Lisbon won the Gold Dagger Award for Best Novel of the Year and the International Deutsche Krimipreis. He was also shortlisted in 2003 for The Blind Man of Seville, the first in the Javier Falcón series. The Vanished Hands won the Gumshoe award for Best European Crime Novel.

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Latest reviews

  • In London seventeen year old Amy Boxer leaves a taunting note to her separated parents at a police station. The teenager informs them she is running away and that in spite of their respective professions; her mother Detective Inspector Mercy Danquah specializes in kidnappings...
    — Jun 29 2015
  • Mr. Robert Wilson presents an engrossing and intricate thriller in You Will Never Find Me. Amy Boxer, headstrong 17-year-old daughter of London-based kidnap consultant Charles Boxer and Detective Inspector Mercy Danquah goes missing, ironic because both parents have spent...
    — Jun 1 2015
  • Author Robert Wilson is a master of the British detective novel. In his latest thriller, “You Will Never Find Me,” Charles Boxer is an ex-spy working as a private consultant to rescue victims of kidnapping. His former wife, Mercy Danquah, has the same kind of job for London’s...
    — May 17 2015
  • One of the newest entries in the beguiling “World Noir” series from Europa Editions is Robert Wilson’s florid, intensely gripping You Will Never Find Me, in which his two main characters, kidnap experts Charles Boxer and Detective Inspector Mercy Danquah, are confronted...
    — May 13 2015
  • Description/Synopsis: Wilson’s protagonist, Charles Boxer, is a British kidnapping consultant with a dark core and a tendency toward revenge. Capital Punishment, which precedes YOU WILL NEVER FIND ME, debuted in the US in 2013 with starred reviews from PW, Library Journal,...
    — May 13 2015
  • Robert Wilson’s adrenaline-laced background alone is enough to inspire his fiction: a night-long battle for life without painkillers, being held up at gun-point in Africa, facing a pride of lions, cycling to Spain and Portugal. He has, to a large extent, walked the walk so...
    — Apr 20 2015


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