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Fabio Bartolomei

Fabio Bartolomei

Fabio Bartolomei works in advertising and lives in Rome. Alfa Romeo 1300 and Other Miracles is his first novel.

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This week, Nick Czap of The New York Times Wheels Blog interviewed Fabio Bartolomei about his first novel ALFA ROMEO 1300 AND OTHER SMALL MIRACLES. Q. The Alfa Romeo of the title — a Giulia...

Latest reviews

  • “A rousing family portrait set in Italy’s recent past, Fabio Bartolomei's We Are Family makes a salvific splash.”
    — Midwest Book Review, Mar 20 2019
  • “. . . both a poignant testament to the struggles of the little guy — and a giddily topsy-turvy tour of how youngsters see their world.”
    — The Seattle Times, Jan 21 2019
  • A large part of the value of fiction translated from other languages into English is that it codifies foreign zeitgeists for the cultural record in a way that nonfiction or secondhand observation by Americans never could. In Alfa Romeo 1300 and Other Miracles, a debut comedic...
    — Nov 26 2012
  • The best way to describe Alfa Romeo 1300 and Other Miracles is as a men's mid-life crises novel on drugs. The characters don't start out very likeable. They're three down-on-their-luck, self-centered, often prejudiced guys with poor social and love lives and very few redeeming...
    — Nov 19 2012


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