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Audrey Schulman

Audrey Schulman

Audrey Schulman is the author of four previous novels: Three Weeks in December (Europa, 2012), Swimming With Jonah, The Cage, and A House Named Brazil. Her work has been translated into eleven languages. Born in Montreal, she now lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she runs HEET, a non-profit.

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In Three Weeks in December, "Schulman delivers the known world in startling new sounds, colors, tastes and smells."—The New York Times Book Review

Latest reviews

  • “A tender tale...and a salty reminder of postwar American misogyny.”

    — 4Columns, Jan 12 2024
  • The Dolphin House is a deeply engrossing read.”

    — The Independent, Aug 1 2022
  • “16 hotly-anticipated new books coming out this week.”
    — Lit Hub, Apr 5 2022
  • “Despite its sordid-seeming subject matter, The Dolphin House is a true heartbreaker.”

    —, Apr 4 2022
  • “Engrossing... As with Ms. Schulman’s outstanding 2018 novel Theory of Bastards, about a bonobo researcher in a dystopian near future, the frisson of The Dolphin House comes when it turns the methods of rigorous observation on its humans.”
    — Wall Street Journal, Apr 2 2022
  • “Readers will enjoy this novel of the human need for connection, conversation, and community.”
    — Booklist, Mar 3 2022
  • ★ “Schulman builds a lovely picture of the growth of mutual trust and enjoyment among the dolphins and Cora... Both woman and dolphins come to vivid life in this fascinating and beautifully realized novel.”
    — Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review), Mar 2 2022
  • “Schulman’s exploration of debilitating pain, mating preferences, and the drawbacks of technology delivers an intimate, generous and thought-provoking novel.”
    — Locus Magazine, Oct 31 2018
  • “ will be unable to look away from the page, hardly be able to draw a breath.”
    — The Washington Post, May 9 2018
  • “Singular, inventive, and provocative, Theory of Bastards warrants attention.”
    — Foreward Reviews, Apr 24 2018
  • “[A] wonderful, intricate novel [...and] a propulsive story rooted in a future that feels possible. The incorporation of research into the narrative is seamless, and the result is an astute, impeccable page-turner readers will savor.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Feb 19 2018
  • “[A] deeply unusual, psychologically astute novel about technology and survival, sex and love. [...] Beguiling, irreverent, and full of heart.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Feb 6 2018
  • “Singular, inventive, and provocative, THEORY OF BASTARDS warrants attention.”
    — Foreword Reviews, Jan 24 2018
  • As a child, Audrey Schulman saw herself living the writer’s life – blissfully sitting in cafes, observing interesting conversations, not having to deal with bosses – so naturally, she figured it would be a good idea to get started as early as possible. Her first novel...
    — Nov 19 2012
  • font-face { font-family: "Cambria"; }@font-face { font-family: "Garamond"; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } Schulman’s fourth novel tells the parallel...
    — Mar 6 2012
  • Stories of American outsiders in Africa 100 years apart — a gay engineer and an ethnobotanist with Asperger’s syndrome — alternate in this fresh and complex novel.
    — Feb 17 2012
  • Max Tombay, one of the two central characters in Audrey Schulman’s new novel, is many things: an ethnobotanist; a mixed-race woman; a native of Bangor, Me. Above all else, though, Max is identified by her sense-perception of the world. She’s an “Aspie.” That is, she...
    — Feb 12 2012
  • Set in Africa, Audrey Schulman’s gripping new novel, “Three Weeks in December,’’ tells the alternating stories of two people, a century apart, locked in a struggle not just with the wildness that surrounds them, but that lies within them. It is the last month of...
    — Feb 8 2012
  • Book Review: Three Weeks in December Three Weeks in December by Audrey Schulman (Europa, $16 paperback, 9781609450649, January 31, 2012) In Audrey Schulman's (The Cage) ingeniously plotted novel, we read two stories, happening 100 apart, that come together in a most...
    — Jan 23 2012
  • Deftly weaving the forays of two individuals, separated by a century, into the unknown heart of Africa, Schulman’s fourth novel, her first in 11 years, tracks an engineer named Jeremy, who in 1889 accepts a contract to supervise the construction of a bridge in British-controlled...
    — Dec 19 2011

United States

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